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The love
for estate

A real attention to detail

Our Expertise

Franco Suisse Deux Lacs has a unique expertise recognized in our country.
This mastery is distilled into every detail of our work.

The concept

Concept of bioclimatism to preserve the richness of our country

This concept is based on a transversal reflection around 4 major topics:

Quality of Housing

It results from the combination of several elements: the optimization of interior spaces, the search for natural light and the wide dimension of exterior spaces. The apartments benefit from good exposure and the layouts are designed to make the most of the landscaped areas.

Protection of the Natural Environment

Our objective is to perfectly integrate the residence into its natural environment, by favoring endemic plant species and the small local fauna.

The protection of natural environment also includes rainwater management with green roofs and the optimization of open spaces.

Quality of Use

Soft mobility is encouraged by the presence of bike sheds and the provision of electric charging stations.

Low energy consumption combined with carbon ambition

Our technological watch enables us to select the most suitable insulating materials and the choice of heating systems, giving priority to electrical energy and renewable devices.

Our expertise

Contemporary architectural style with regional references

The unique personality of each residence involves a contemporary style with elegant lines and draws its inspiration from the architectural codes of the region.

The choice of materials is part of a pursuit of quality and durability underlined by the use of stone, which is a guarantee for singularity and character.

Connected Apartments

TAll residences are systematically pre-wired to ensure easy installation of home automation solutions.

A taste for crafts and precision

The Franco Suisse Deux Lacs requirement is found in all the details: the metal coping matched to the color of the plaster, balustrades with bars or made of glass, or the frames of bay windows and other modenatures which underline the facades.

The Art of Residential Experience

From the moment you enter, the lobby reveals the “soul of the place” and reflects the unique spirit intended for each project. Its refined decoration, studied by our interior designer, is based on the choice of noble materials such as marble or wood...

The Pleasure of an Active Nature

Harmonious settings designed by a landscape architect for the well-being and comfort of the residents; the outdoor facilities offer a concrete and daily use.

Endemic species from local nurseries illustrate the maintenance of an ever-richer biodiversity.

The visual quality of the landscaped area echoes its quality of use, which is just as remarkable.

A Natural Integration
in the Existing Environment

With the Franco Suisse 2 Lacs approach, city and nature are inseparable to design balanced, rhythmic and healthy environments.

We pay particular attention to collective spaces, which must be easy to maintain, convivial, adapted to local conditions and respectful of the biology of species.

From the design phase, our teams integrate the issue of reducing energy consumption by limiting heating and lighting needs.

The love for estate