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The love
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A real attention to detail

Franco Suisse Deux Lacs

Franco Suisse Deux Lacs has decided to set off on the road to high standards.
This commitment is reflected by the choice of prestigious locations,
noble materials, but also and above all by the choice of talented craftsmen.

Our history

Franco Suisse Deux Lacs was created in the region over 15 years ago by local enthusiasts, experts and concerned about reconciling respect and attractiveness of the region.

Franco Suisse Deux Lacs is an independent regional real estate player of reference in the Greater Annecy and Greater Geneva areas. From our head office in Beaumont, at the foot of the Salève mountain, we draw inspiration from our magnificent environment every day to offer the best of it, through high quality residences.

through high quality residences. These local roots make us particularly aware of the need to respect our natural and communal heritage, in order to give back all its nobility to the act of building.

Our values

Sustainable top of the range
on a local level

Franco Suisse Deux Lacs mainly designs high-end principal residences, but also subsidized homeownership housing as well as social housing. Our core values are requirement, quality, attention to detail and sustainability, both in the long-lasting of noble materials and in the guarantee of value of property or respect of the environment.

Our teams of experts provide an integrated service, from land search to marketing and delivery of housing.

  • Selecting the best locations to guarantee quality of life while preserving natural areas
  • Studying locations in cooperation with city councils, in order to integrate housing in the best possible way while respecting the history of the cities and their environment
  • A neat architecture underlined by a sophisticated green touch
  • Mobilizing the best expertise in the region to innovate in sustainable solutions

Our vision

An overall quality carried
by the sum of details

Franco Suisse Deux Lacs constructions are noticeable at first glance by the harmony of the façade lines and the architectural work. They are based on the quality of the carefully chosen, long-lasting materials.

The entrance halls reveal an elegant atmosphere, with refined facings and finishes such as marble or stone. This same care is found in the creation of exterior spaces (balconies, terraces...) where vegetated areas are integrated, typical of Franco Suisse Deux Lacs style.

The housings feature beautiful volumes and are always oriented to maximize light. They are equipped with the best equipment.

Our Franco Suisse Deux Lacs benefits

The 5+ of an exceptional brand

1. The Requirement of Beautiful Locations

The location choice determines the quality of life and guarantees the sustainability of the property value. This requirement related to beautiful locations is the main principle of our creations. It is confirmed by the constant renewal of our achievements in the areas we have selected.

2. A Company Rooted in its Region

Our teams live and build with local companies and talents. From the entrance halls to each finish, marble workers, carpenters, etc. are our priority partners for the perfect result of the projects, according to the requirements of our customers.

3. The Green Touch

All our residences benefit from a garden conceived and designed by a landscape architect. The special care given to the outdoor living areas, and to the visual approach, establishes our particular touch.

4. Outdoor Spaces in Each Housing

In the design of our buildings, we give priority to balconies, terraces, loggias... except for configuration constraints; many openings extending the volume and emphasizes the well-being.

5. A Direct Sale, a Dedicated Interlocutor

We market our programs ourselves, without intermediaries, at no extra cost. And you have an attentive interlocutor at your disposal until the delivery of your property. It is a guarantee of quality, listening and satisfaction.

Our key figures

Our key figures

Here are some figures about us:

Here are some figures about us:

Here are some figures about us:

Here are some figures about us:

New property benefits

The comfort and serenity of purchasing
a new apartment

Purchasing a new apartment, whether to live in or to invest, will bring you comfort, guarantees and many other benefits.


Long term commitment:
making the city a theater where anything is possible.

For the 10th edition of the “Coup de Théâtre” festival, Franco Suisse Deux Lacs is very happy to renew its support to the Agitateurs de rêves association.

This collaboration, which began in 2014, marks a common desire to participate actively in local life and to contribute over time to the fulfilment of the people of Annecy.

The Theater, as conceived by
“Agitateurs de rêves”
is a vector of exchanges and meetings

It leads to the sharing of “culture for all and everywhere” and contributes to building the city of tomorrow in the entirety of its exchanges. This vocation naturally echoes the building mission of Franco Suisse Deux Lacs and the values carried by the company.

The constant search for quality, instilled by the organisers of the “Coup de théâtre” festival, is also a major meeting point with the values of Franco Suisse Deux Lacs.

The selection of creations, the relevance of the program, the presence of professionals among the best... The work of “Agitateurs de rêves” makes dreams possible, accessible to the greatest number. This is a reason for being shared by Franco Suisse Deux Lacs.


The long-term commitment is at
the heart of its business

In the way it builds, in the approach, in the involvement of the company at the local level, in each creation, the will to build a long-lasting relationship with its partners and its new residents prevails.

Keeping commitments over the long term is the hallmark of Franco Suisse Deux Lacs. This durability is reflected in the genesis and expression of each of its residences, all of which are unique. Thus, like the theater community supported by the company, each development features this challenge: building the future by relying on what is more solid and durable in the present.

Once again, this is a way to be an actor in the city as it evolves and is built around us every day.

Find the program and all the information on:


Become a Franco Suisse 2 Lacs client
and sponsor your family and friends!

Make your real estate project a reality with Franco Suisse 2 Lacs and participate in our big sponsorship campaign. Become our ambassador to your relatives, friends or colleagues, and let them benefit of the quality of Franco Suisse 2 Lacs developments.

By sponsoring someone, you will receive a bonus of €2,000 upon confirmation of purchasing notarial deed signature. You can thereby sponsor up to 3 persons and earn €6,000. The person you sponsor will receive a “Rendez-vous gourmand” Smartbox.


How do I sponsor someone?

You are already a Franco Suisse 2 Lacs client and wish to purchase a property in one of our residences?
Visit one of our sales areas and ask for a sponsorship checkbook, or complete the form below to send us the contact details of the person you wish to sponsor.

Sponsorship form only available from your computer or tablet.

Sponsor your friends and let them benefit of the quality of Franco Suisse 2 Lacs developments!
Complete the form below and our Sponsorship manager will contact you as soon as possible.


Residence in which I made my purchase

Please contact the person I sponsor

**Compulsory statements. Your personal data will only be used for you to receive commercial information from FRANCO SUISSE 2 LACS. In accordance with the regulations on personal data, you have a set of rights (opposition, deletion, modification, etc.) that you can exercise with FRANCO SUISSE 2 LACS. See your rights and our policy regarding the management of your personal data.

Extract from the sponsorship policies

Sponsorship is available to all natural person, client of an apartment or a house made by Franco Suisse 2 Lacs.

Number of sponsorships is limited to three per sponsor. €2,000 per sponsored person, being a maximum of €6,000. (As of January 23, 2023, the sponsor will receive €2,000 per sponsored person, provided that the sponsored person and the sponsor have signed the notarial deeds of their purchase. Non-retroactive offer for sponsorship made before the 23/01/2023.)

The person sponsored will receive a “Rendez-vous gourmand” Smartbox or equivalent, provided that the person and its sponsor have signed the notarial deeds of their purchase. One box per purchase.

A sponsor can not sponsor himself/herself or its spouse (married or linked through civil partnership).

Sponsorship can not be retroactive.

Sponsorship can not be retroactive. Sponsorship cards must be sent by 12/31/2024 to be valid.

In the event that the persons proposed as sponsored persons have already contacted Franco Suisse 2 Lacs (regardless of the contact type: phone call, visit in a sales outlet, reply coupon, Franco Suisse 2 Lacs website or other sites), we will inform you, since sponsorship can only cover persons who are not in touch with Franco Suisse 2 Lacs or with other brands of the group yet.

Sponsorship cards must be delivered before the first visit of the sponsored person in one of our sales areas.

Complete policies available in our sales areas.

L'amour du patrimoine

Le magazine Franco Suisse Deux Lacs

Afin de mieux nous connaitre, nous vous invitons à parcourir notre Magazine.
À travers ces pages, nous vous faisons partager notre actualité et découvrir toute la passion qui nous anime pour concevoir et bâtir des lieux de vie de grande qualité.

Découvrez l’esprit Franco Suisse 2 Lacs.
Bonne lecture.

N°2 - Automne 2023

Soutenir l’accès à la propriété en synergie avec les collectivités

La vision Franco Suisse 2 Lacs
Édito du Président de Franco Suisse Damien ROLLOY

Programme à la Une
Notre nouvelle résidence livrée à Annecy-le-Vieux

Notre vision du Bail réel Solidaire

Visite privée
Villa Galia à Annecy-Meythet

Elaboration des permis de construire
S’inscrire dans le temps en synergie avec la commune et ses élus

Carnet d’adresses
Nos résidences en cours

Zoom sur
Villa Ornella à PRINGY

N°1 - Printemps 2023

Notre démarche sous le prisme du bioclimatisme

L'Esprit Franco Suisse 2 Lacs
Édito du Président de Franco Suisse Damien ROLLOY

Le bioclimatisme, la démarche novatrice que nous portons

Programme à la Une
Notre nouvelle résidence à Pringy quartier privilégié d’Annecy

Visite privée
Villas Thalia : vivre l’exception près des rives du Léman

Carnet d’adresses
Nos résidences en cours

Focus Pays de Gex
Expert de notre territoire

Join us

Join Franco Suisse Deux Lacs

Franco Suisse Deux Lacs brings together a group of experienced men and women who share the same commitment and the same determination to succeed.

This positive attitude, combined with a large practical work experience and a policy involving the respect for traditions and a strong sense of innovation, has helped Franco Suisse Deux Lacs to become a key company in the local real estate landscape.

Great Place To Work®

Great Place To Work®

Franco Suisse 2 Lacs obtient la certification "Great Place To Work®" pour la première fois dans la catégorie des entreprises entre 250 et 1000 salariés.

Nous sommes fiers de faire partie des entreprises où il fait bon travailler.

Our trades

Joining Franco Suisse Deux Lacs means joining an ambitious company on a human scale, which will offer you the opportunity
to develop your talents. The organisation of Franco Suisse Deux Lacs is based on 5 main activities:

On behalf of our company, the Construction Manager assumes the responsibilities of the building owner related to the follow-up of the works. Replaced on the job sites by external project managers, they manage simultaneously up to 5 or 6 job sites, in complete autonomy, from the beginning of the works to the delivery to the customers. They also ensure the lifting of reservations and the after-sales service of their own operations during the year following delivery.

They pay particular attention to the respect of deadlines and building budgets as well as to the quality of the works. They are in constant contact with the companies and our customers, individual homebuyers and investors. The Construction Manager:

  • Participates in the final decisions related to the preparation of the work.
  • Periodically checks, on site, their proper execution in separate building trades.
  • Validates the invoices and work situations of the companies.
  • Informs clients about the progress of the work, deals with their specific requests, prepares and carries out delivery appointments with them, and follows up on these with our project managers.
  • Takes all initiatives to prevent or resolve difficulties that could compromise the completion of the work in compliance with the objectives set.

A technical training in construction / building or civil engineering is essential, in engineering school, IUT (University Institute of Technology), BTS (advanced technician's certificate), in specialized university cycle or by VAE (validation of acquired experience). A first operational experience in a company, engineering department, project management or technical project management is an asset to access this position.

The Sales Agent is in charge of marketing our real estate programs. They sell our apartments and villas under construction to a clientele of individual buyers or investors, within the regulated framework of the sale in future state of completion (VEFA). They guide the customers and help them to choose the housing best suited to their desires, needs, goals and resources. They inform, reassure, encourage or reason with the customers, to help them realize the best project in the best conditions.

The Sales Agent benefits from significant means to support their action:

  • A dedicated sales area on site, fitted out, decorated and equipped with efficient sales tools.
  • Significant advertising investments.
  • Exclusive marketing of the properties entrusted to them.
  • The support of a close and efficient management.

Training and/or experience, with a predominantly commercial focus, must guarantee the mastery of skills and benchmarks useful for the proper management of a commercial relationship with individual buyers. The key to our employee’s success lies in their personality, their motivation and their ability to adapt to our values and working methods.

In the urban or peri-urban geographical area for which they have exclusive responsibility, the Real Estate Developer:

  • Searches suitable land by the conditions set out for our real estate operations.
  • Proposes the relevant projects, coordinates and realises the studies presented to the General Management for final approval and commitment of these projects.
  • Negotiates the purchase of identified land, until the acquisition deeds are signed with the owners.
  • Participates in setting up operations, in cooperation with our teams (technical, legal, financial, commercial) and our partners (architects, notaries, local authorities, etc.), until building permits are obtained.

All the training courses give access to this profession, provided that they have allowed each applicant to confirm, beyond their specific interest in real estate, their work force as well as their attraction and capacities for the management of projects in complex human environments. Most of our employees have completed engineering and business schools, as well as university courses in real estate, law, urban planning, geography, architecture, etc. A first successful experience in an operational real estate function with a strong relational content, or in real estate prospecting, is an additional asset.

The Bidding Engineer selects the companies that will build our residences in separate building trades. For each new operation, they negotiate the purchase of all the works and commit our company by signing the corresponding contracts.

Especially attentive to the quality / price ratio, the Bidding Engineer:

  • Analyzes the answers to the invitations for tenders launched from the technical contractors shortlist file established beforehand, and selects the most relevant offers.
  • Meets the companies and finalizes with them and the project manager that will manage the work, the choice for technical solutions, construction processes and some benefits.
  • Negotiates prices in accordance with the overall budget for the operation.
  • Signs the project contracts for all the building trades before the beginning of the works.

A technical training in construction / building or quantity surveying is essential, in engineering school, IUT (University Institute of Technology), BTS (advanced technician's certificate), in specialized university cycle or by VAE (validation of acquired experience). A first experience in a company, engineering department, project management or technical project management, in functions that have allowed the designation of companies and/or the negotiation of project contracts, is also essential.

Responsible for the technical, commercial and legal aspects of our projects, the Operation Manager:

  • Handles the technical part of the building permit applications, in relation with real estate developers, architects and local authorities.
  • Assigns and manages the service providers responsible for evaluating and validating the technical conditions for carrying out the work before it begins: engineering departments, surveyors, ABF (architect of buildings of France) if necessary, etc.
  • Prepares the technical contractors shortlist files that will enable to launch invitations for tenders.
  • Validates and transmits to the competent departments the information necessary for the market launching: marketing department for the commercial documentation, legal department for the notary file.

A technical training in construction / building is essential, in engineering school, IUT (University Institute of Technology), BTS (advanced technician's certificate), in specialized university cycle. A first experience is desirable, in an engineering or control department, in technical project management or in project management, in a position that has enabled the acquisition or reinforcement of the fundamental technical skills necessary for the mastery of this multi-purpose position.

Our job offers

Autonomous, determined and resolute: you want to succeed within a fast-growing family company
known for its quality residences and refined architecture.

Responsable ou directeur construction – H/F



Vos missions :
- Maître d’Ouvrage, vous supervisez dans le cadre de la réalisation des chantiers l’équipe de maitrise d’œuvre, assurez la relation et l’interface avec les élus et les services de la Ville et Collectivités, les organismes certificateurs, experts judiciaires dans le cadre des référés préventifs, les concessionnaires et les riverains, etc.
- Travaux : vous veillez à la bonne réalisation des chantiers dans le respect des délais, budgets et objectifs de qualité fixés
- Vous assurez la gestion contractuelles et financières des marchés et des différents prestataires.
- Vous assurez la relation client en interface avec le service commercial pendant la durée des travaux ; vous gérez les travaux modificatifs acquéreurs ; vous organisez et effectuez les visites aux clients.
- Vous assurez le SAV durant les périodes de garantie, clôturez administrativement et financièrement les opérations et obtenez les conformités
- Vous participez au bouclage des DCE avant appel d’offres ; le cas échéant aux Appels d’Offres

Votre profil :
Rigoureux(se), organisé(e) et faisant preuve d’autorité, vous bénéficiez :
- D’une expérience significative de 8/10 ANS dans la conduite d’opérations en entreprise générale / cabinet de maîtrise d’œuvre ou architecte
- D’une parfaite connaissance des techniques et règlementations du BTP
- D’un excellent relationnel
- Idéalement d’une connaissance du tissu économique régional de la profession

Votre réussite vous ouvrira de réelles perspectives d’évolution stimulantes.
Contactez-nous et intégrez ainsi une entreprise aux valeurs fortes, dynamique et ambitieuse !

Assistant(e) technique promotion immobilière – H/F


Dans le cadre du développement de son activité, FRANCO SUISSE DEUX LACS, promoteur immobilier réputé pour la qualité de ses réalisations dans la région des lacs Léman et d'Annecy, recrute en CDD de 6 MOIS un/une : ASSISTANT(E) TECHNIQUE PROMOTION IMMOBILIERE H/F

Vos missions :
Au sein des Services Techniques Appels d’Offres et Travaux :
- Vous appuyez les Directeurs Travaux dans la gestion quotidienne des opérations : suivi des prestataires, entreprises et sous- traitants, traitement des situations de travaux, production de documents, liaison avec la comptabilité.
- Vous gérez les dossiers clients : préparation des plannings, organisation des visites de chantiers et constitution des dossiers de livraison ; production, enregistrement et diffusion des courriers et réponses / SAV ; mise à jour des fichiers clients.
- Vous assurez le relais de nos collaborateurs avec les clients et l’ensemble des intervenants, externes et internes, pendant l’exécution des travaux et la période de garantie. Vous assurez également l’accueil téléphonique.
- Vous intervenez également en soutien au service Appel d’offres : préparation des dossiers de consultations, contrôle des documents administratifs, relance des entreprises, etc.

Votre profil :
- De formation BTS Assistanat/Secrétariat ou équivalant, vous justifiez idéalement d'une 1ère expérience en assistanat, dans un environnement technique lié au bâtiment.
- Vous êtes capable d'intervenir pour le compte de plusieurs collaborateurs, dans un service dynamique et en mouvement.
- Organisation, rigueur, gestion des priorités
- Aisance relationnelle et sens de la communication

A pourvoir dès que possible
CDD de 6 mois renouvelable avec possibilité de CDI.

Responsable Montage d’Opérations – H/F



Vos missions :
Rattaché (e) au Directeur Technique de l’agence :
- Vous suivez le montage des Permis de Construire en collaboration avec les architectes et le service du développement
- Vous établissez les Dossiers de Consultation des Entreprises et vous coordonnez l’ensemble des BET afin de constituer les dossiers techniques en vue du lancement des Appels d’Offres
- Vous préparez les lancements commerciaux de nos programmes, en collaboration avec nos services internes (préparation des grilles de prix de vente, vérification des documents commerciaux, etc.), et organisez les ventes aux institutionnels.
- Vous aidez à la constitution des dossiers notaires en liaison avec le service juridique
- Vous apportez votre valeur ajoutée dans le montages de vos dossiers (optimisations techniques, administratives et financières)

Votre profil :
- Expérience minimum de 5 ans en Maîtrise d’ouvrage / Maîtrise d’œuvre d’exécution / Bureau de contrôle / BET / Entreprise générale / Economie de la Construction
- Formation école d’ingénieur en bâtiment / architecte
- Rigueur, organisation, précision, bon relationnel, personnalité collaborative

The love for estate