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Our history

Franco Suisse Deux Lacs was created in the region by enthusiasts over 15 years ago

Franco Suisse Deux Lacs is an independent regional real estate player of reference in the Greater Annecy and Greater Geneva areas. From our head office in Beaumont, at the foot of the Salève mountain, we draw inspiration from our magnificent environment every day to offer the best of it, through high quality residences.

high quality residences. These local roots make us particularly aware of the need to respect our natural and communal heritage, in order to give back all its nobility to the act of building.

Our residences

Franco Suisse Deux Lacs cultivates the best of our region

The residences are designed and studied to meet the expectations of a demanding clientele and to offer a comfortable and rewarding environment that is part of a global sustainable approach.

To achieve this, we select sought-after locations in renowned cities.
We favor the approach of “rebuilding the city on the city” through requalification operations, and choose elegant and qualitative architecture.

Our commitment to the environment

The concept of bioclimatism

Our lakes, our mountains, our cities, and our villages... All the richness of our country deserves real estate programs that provide the greatest care.

We thus place the ambition of bioclimatism at the center of our process.
This vision is an essential component of our high-end approach. It is based on a transversal reflection around 4 major topics, all linked:

  • quality of housing
  • protection of the natural environment - quality of use
  • low energy consumption / carbon ambition
  • quality of use

To embody these principles, we mobilize the best expertise in the region and remain very attentive to innovations in materials and techniques.


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Our residences

The love for estate

Franco Suisse results from a real passion for contracting works that begun 55 years ago. Its aim is to create a high-quality residential housing, by selecting valued neighborhoods in renowned cities and by choosing an elegant architecture that stands out for the use of top-quality materials (freestone, zinc or marble) and the attention to every detail.

The residences are designed and studied to meet the expectations of a demanding clientele and to offer a comfortable and rewarding environment.

Our references

Discover our most outstanding
references over the past 15 years

The 76 Franco Suisse Deux Lacs residences built in 15 years reflect a local commitment that creates sustainable values.

New property benefits

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Purchasing a new apartment, whether to live in or to invest, will bring you comfort, guarantees and many other benefits.

The love for estate